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About Rachel Gefen

These unique designs are created with the utmost attention to details, using various materials like glass and natural stones, decorated with pure 24k gold.
Each piece is handmade by the artist, Rachel Gefen.
Those jewelry can be ordered from the artist’s store directly or in selected stores.


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If you have any questions regarding our products, comments or requests, feel free to contact us

Last Designs

  • טבעת זכוכית כחול עמוק No.706 Ring murano glass

    140 Nis(ש"ח)
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  • צמיד טורקיז מחובר לטבעת No.705 bracelet with ring

    250 Nis(ש"ח)
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  • צמיד פרחים מחובר לטבעת No.704 Bracelet with ring

    240 Nis(ש"ח)
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  • טבעת זכוכית כחול עמוק No.703 Ring blue glass

    140 Nis(ש"ח)
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